Engineering's Log


Update D.28

13:00, we found some quirk with the NodeJS's path module. Apprently, the platform specific normalize method is designed specificically to be run by the target platform, and cannot be used in a cross-platform manner. For more info, see nodejs/node#12298.

To illustrate the quirk, we reference PlasmoHQ/plasmo#117:

  • Suppose we have a win32 path: ~contents\\test\\code.tsx
  • We want to normalize it into posix: ~contents/test/code.tsx

Using posix.normalize will not work as the method only count posix.sep as a valid separator. This behavior is a bit contradicting to win32.normalize, which actually counted both win32.sep and posix.sep. In light of this behavior, we would need to manually replace the separator:

const win32Path = "~contents\\test\\code.tsx"
const posixPath = win32Path.replaceAll(win32.sep, posix.sep)


Update C.27

15:21, we just implemented access token for Itero. Next stop: enable submission to itero from the cli.


Update B.26

20:18, we are resuming course to investigate the dev-panel quadrant, while processing supplies from contributing ships. The past 2 weeks had been rough, we barely have the time to record log.


Update A.25

00:00, we suffered a plague resulting in heavy casualty - half of the crew were incapacitated. Thankfully we are receiving lots of supporting hail. We will survive and recover. In the meantime, we will operate at minimum capacity to reduce power usage.



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