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Update D.48


12:00, we're working on improving Pallas' utility with a new feature to record issues.

20:00, we fixed an issue with the React-Refresh HMR not working. It was due to a mismatching version between the runtime and the wrapper. We fixed the issue by polyfilling react-runtime itself.


12:00, we merged the new Plasmo framework runtime and released PlasmoHQ/plasmo/releases/tag/v0.61.0


12:00, we released Pallas v2 with a larger data set, with broader extension knowledge.

16:00, we fixed an issue with Itero Mac Mobile Policy generator regarding the UUID.


12:00, we are improving our docs: PlasmoHQ/docs/pull/28

20:00, we are improving the plasmo runtime. Specifically, we're dissecting the BGSW runtime and centralizing some of the reloading logic to be propagated from BGSW as a source of truth.


12:00, we are shipping a new installation flow for Itero - more straightforward, transparent, and step-by-step instructions.


12:00, Happy Holiday! Hope all is well with our tiny little universe.


12:00, we are experimenting with the UTF8 issue. Plasmo bundler is leaving some non-UTF8 strings inside the final bundle, which caused the browser to throw an error. Issue: PlasmoHQ/plasmo/issues/351


12:00, we released a blog post detailing how Pallas was built: blog/posts/pallas-a-chrome-extension-ai-bot


12:00, we launched Pallas v0 on our Discord.

Update C.47


12:00, we fixed our blog assets caching on fronti.


12:00, we fixed the login/signup flow for fronti -> itero flow, as well as wordings within itero.


12:00, we fixed the antd example to be more specific to CSUI scope.

Pallas v0 icon

20:00, we started a Pallas, a new LLM-powered space fleet to be deployed soon.


12:00, we released a new canary on the framework to address the polyfill issue. The bundler config for the polyfill were misconfigured to output node platform bundle instead of browser.


12:00, we released the new version of our docs: :


12:00, we released Plasmo framework v0.60.0, changelog: PlasmoHQ/plasmo/releases/tag/v0.60.0

Update B.46


12:00, we added bundle-buddy support with the --bundle-buddy flag: PlasmoHQ/plasmo/issues/319

16:00, we revamped the structure of the docs to be more organized and showcase our products.


12:00, we fixed the issue with CSUI running on document_start thanks to a community contributed PR.

16:00, we started working on the documentation for the Messaging API, looking to release the v0 for community feedback next week.


12:00, we released a canary version of the Plasmo framework with the new messaging API.


12:00, we decided to create a separate method for the Ports API. The Message API is for a one-time REST-like request API, whereas the Ports API is for 2-ways long-lived communication.


12:00, we fixed an issue with Itero env loading failed to normalize the payload. There's also an issue with the length restriction of the payload, to which we have added a max length to the text area.


12:00, we added a new feature in Itero team where the owner can add extra seats. We also refactored a majority of the code used to check subscription and tier data within Itero backend.

Update A.45


12:00, we are refactoring the messaging API to use port messaging.

16:00, we decided to keep both the one-way messaging API and separate the port API into its own API instead, since each serves a certain purpose.


12:00, we are moving our CMS to Notion and adding integration between Notion to our Fronti MDX Container.


12:00, we fixed the live-reload issue with content-scripts dev runtime. There was a race condition between when the file is actually written to disk, and when the Parcel HMR runtime reported the incremental compilation changes. By consolidating these two events, we were able to ensure CSUI reloading is in sync with the file system, ensuring that the browser can consume the latest bundle.

16:00, we fixed the CRLF issue again. This time, it was due to our release process using a Windows machine, which saved the bin as with CRLF. By forcing the local files to be as-is, we should be able to avoid this issue.


12:00, we integrated builder with the GitHub push event.


12:00, we added new documentation:

16:00, we fixed the following docs:


12:00, we begin a fixathon operation, seeking to patch up as many docs issue as possible.

16:00, we bumped all of our docs version dependencies.



12:00, created a more customer-friendly change log.

14:00, a friend of ours, Matt Frisbie, released a book called Building Browser Extensions. We added a section about this book on fronti. Click here to get the book.

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