Manifest Transition Checklist

Paste your MV2 manifest.json below to see what needs to be changed to make it compatible with MV3

4 Issues Found in Manifest

Unified Action API

  • Browser action and Page action are replaced by the Action API

  • Use declarativeContent API to show the action only on specific pages

Background Service Worker

  • Background Scripts are replaced by a single Background Service Worker

  • Background Service is not persistent and will be stopped after 5 minutes

  • Adapt to the service worker execution context, and persist data using the storage API

Host Permissions is Separated

  • Any permissions related to accessing remote locations are now separated into host_permissions

File URL Permission Notes

  • The user must visit the extension management page and opt-in to file access

About Plasmo Manifest Transition Checklist

Manifest Version 3, or MV3 for short, introduces many semantic and architectural changes that developers need to understand to transition to the new version. Background pages are no longer persistent, and are substituted for service workers that live for a maximum of 5 minutes. Keys are restructured, and permissions are more granular.

Instead of relying on documentation that might discuss things unrelated to your project, the Plasmo Manifest Checklist tells you exactly what you need to know to go from MV2 to MV3. We are releasing this tool for free in hopes that it will help developers transition to MV3 more easily.

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